Sunday, March 30, 2008

There Is a Great Conductor Inside You

I found this story and it was so moving and inspiring I wanted to share it. I copied it off of another website to share with everyone. The author info is attached it is also:(Copyright 2008 by United Press International.) Have a blessed day and I pray you will get inspired from this beautiful story written by: By REV. JAY SPEIGHTS.

There is a great conductor inside you

WASHINGTON, One time I was on Miami Beach just around sunrise, and I looked out at the ocean just as the sun was beginning to rise. I saw this narrow path of golden light streaming down from the dark eastern sky across the water toward the shore where I was standing. This path of light continued to expand until the dark sky and water were alight with the radiant sun of a new day.

It seemed like this particular sunrise was a personal invitation from The Creator for me to step into this perfect day and just live it. As I stood there, I thought, "The sunrise of each new day brings with it a renewed invitation from The Creator to live life and walk down an enlightened path to my destiny." Then I thought, "I am the only one preventing me from accepting this daily invitation. How many times have I turned around and walked back towards the dark yesterday or sunset, and not toward the sunrise of a new day filled with bright new possibilities?"

I began to reflect on the fact that I was an overly sensitive soul for the most part, who was mired in a negative and unproductive thought process. On many occasions I would let every little thing someone said or did grow way beyond its dimensions, and basically ruin my day from that point on. Why do I give people and events that type of power and control over my life? I knew this had to stop.

As I stood there and continued to observe this awesome celestial event that seemed almost musical, it occurred to me that I should approach each day as though I were writing and conducting a symphony. You see, in a symphonic orchestra, the conductor determines who plays, the instruments that will be featured, and the tone and tempo the symphony will take. As the conductor, it is my symphony from start to finish, or my day from sunrise to sunset. I have total control. The Creator gave it to me. More importantly, it is my responsibility to see that no discordant notes will be played in my daily symphony. Discordant notes in this context are those individuals or things I let turn my daily symphony into a cacophony by disrupting it with negatives.

As the conductor of my daily symphony, it is my job not to let them continue to play. If I do, then I am no longer the conductor. I have passed the control of my daily symphony on to them. Whenever a discordant player starts playing in my daily symphony, I say in my mind, "Hey, Jay, my symphony is being played in the key of A, and this person or thing is playing in F, so get them or it on the right key, or remove them." This is my cue to correct this situation and shift my thought process. I usually recite the following affirmation.

Today is my day

It is a symphony

I am the conductor of this symphony

I control this symphony from beginning to end

There will be no discordant notes in my symphony

My daily symphony will end blended and harmonious

With the setting suns

So today I am asking you to get out there and become the Leonard Bernstein of your life, and approach each day as you though you were writing and conducting a beautiful, flawless piece of music. Don't let anyone or anything disrupt it. Remember, you are in control of your daily symphony.

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Rev. Jay Speights has an MA in public policy and is an interfaith minister and the main U.N. representative for The New Seminary in New York. You can learn more about his work at The New Seminary website or at His email address is © Copyright 2008 by Jay Speights.

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