Thursday, January 31, 2008

HIS Hand

This is written by a precious,wonderful gentleman I know. I hope you enjoy reading and feeling his words move in your heart as I and my family have.
Praying Hands
When you are feeling trouble, reach up and grab His hand,
HIS love for us will guide us through and help us stand.
No matter how bad it may seem right now,
take HIS hand, hold it tightly and HE will show you the way.
Speak HIS name each and everyday,
Walk with HIS hand each day and HE will lead you along the way.
You can look and see the scars from the nails in HIS hands,
follow HIS lead, for HIS way never fails.
HE will pick us up because HE is tried and true,
and than our lives will not be so miserable and blue.
HE will love us to the very end.
HE died for us on Calvary's old cross,
because HE wanted to save us and for us not to be lost.
HE endured a lot, look at HIS hands and the wound in HIS side,
but through it all, safe in HIS bosom we can hide.
HE rose from the grave and is sitting by HIS FATHER on HIS throne,
Accept Jesus now, it would not be wrong.
Weep for HIM to help, as HE is probably weeping for us to.
I know for sure it is HIM we can trust.
Take HIS nail scarred hand and you will be glad you did.
All your fears,worries, and strife HE will surely rid.
HE loves us and wants us to be totally free.
Take HIS hand now and with Jesus,
be all that you can be.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

That Sound

I hear a sound so beautiful
Sometimes it's loud other times so sweet and soft,
In the mornings it makes me want to scream with its wining,
In the afternoon I am straining to hear the sound but its not there
By late afternoon I am so excited to hear that sound again telling me
all about its day.
Through out the evening the sound is louder and louder but than
it gets softer and sweeter until all I hear is silence.
That's when I enjoy the sweetest sound , my precious children sleeping.

Blessed be the Children who run Barefoot

They run barefoot no matter what the weather. It can be sunshine, rain or snow they don't care they just want to go, go barefoot. Happiest they are when they are running , running barefoot everywhere. Blessed be the children who love to run carefree and barefoot. They have no worries or cares. They are free when they are barefoot , running to and fro. Blessed be the children who run barefoot without a care. I would love to be that child running barefoot without a care but I am always worried with these heavy shoes of life. Blessed be the children who run barefoot I pray they don't put on the heavy shoes of life to soon because when they do there will be no more running barefoot. So run barefoot as long as you can don't rush growing up, just run barefoot as long as you can.