Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Music City Madman

Madness and mayhem strike a chord of pure terror in Nashville, Tennessee. The grisly story is told in Stephen J. Hill's, "The Music City Madman." It's the mind-numbing tale of a twisted serial killer busy making himself a star at the country music industry's expense. America's city of country queens is frozen in shock and the madman has plans for them all, especially the beautiful, recently-widowed Sharon Sharpe. FBI Special Agent Mark Peterson knows it's his job to stop the madman before the city can lose another star to this fiendishly clever lunatic. Local Detective Wayne Tilson is tossed into the twisted mix, joining with Peterson as a liaison. Wayne is the Metro Murder Squad's finest detective and is aiming to take the madman down. The chill will be felt down your spine as Stephen J. Hill immerses you into a fiction without end, wrapped inside a killer's delusion.